The Christmas Treasure Hunt

One year, when I was quite small, my Dad told me and my brother to look in the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I wasn't quite sure what we were looking for, but we eventually found a white piece of paper with our names on hidden in the tree. Opening it up revealed a clue.... Continue Reading →


Jonny Marine: Part 3

Continued from Part Two... I was pretty confused. I loved what I had with The Marine but A had made me think too. But I was moving and A wanted more, both from me and from a relationship, and so made the decision for both of us by starting to see someone else. As much... Continue Reading →

Jonny Marine: Part 2

Continued from Part One... Regardless of what it actually was, the fact still remained that we weren't really together. So I went on to have that perfect week in New Zealand with Johnny #2 and knew things would probably figure themselves out one way or another. And so, less than two weeks after landing back... Continue Reading →

Jonny Marine: Part 1

Another story, another Jonny (this time no h). Aka: The Marine. As the name may suggest, he was a Marine. For those of you who don't know, they are the UK Royal Marine Commandos (the Navy's soldiers) and renowned for being tough as shit. Apparently the training is the longest and most arduous programmes in... Continue Reading →

Johnny Irish

I’m sat in a cafe in Wanaka and I realise it’s the same cafe where I met a guy called Johnny, on my first trip to New Zealand back in 2014. I’m actually sat at the same table; coincidentally the only one free. As I sit down I wonder where he is now. He was... Continue Reading →

A year in New Zealand

365 days ago I had packed up my entire life into a storage container, farmed some stuff out to friends houses, dropped a few Important Things with my parents and stood at the airport with two bags and my passport ready to start a new adventure. I have mixed emotions. Happy at how my life... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk dating

Everyone loves a dating post eh?! Especially people who don't have to do it. Yes, you people revel in living vicariously through us. Of course you do; no one would actively choose to crawl through the metaphorical crocodile-infested swamp that is dating in your 30's. So here starts a series of posts discussing the trials... Continue Reading →


I found a grey hair the other day. I don't think it's my first, it's just the first one I've really noticed, probably because it's near the front of my head. Last summer I looked in the mirror and saw what I thought were really blond hairs, just a few of them, and I was... Continue Reading →

Being stood up

A friend of mine messaged me earlier with a [tongue-in-cheek] Code Red situation while on the way to a date: the girl he was going to meet had disappeared from Bumble (a dating app) 10 minutes before they were due to meet and as such he couldn't remember her name because her profile had seemingly... Continue Reading →

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