Wadi Rum Ultra: Kit List

I haven’t got all my kit yet and I’m still testing stuff out so I’ll keep adding to this as I go along but this is my kit that I’ve chosen to use so far, both for my training and in the race:


I’ve gone for the 2016 model of Salomon S Lab Adv Skin3 12Set (link is to 2017 model). It can hold 12 litres of stuff in many different pockets and compartments apparently (I’ve yet to test this out), including 3 litres of water. One litre of which is in two squashy collapsible bottles on the front which feel nice to squidge but also make you look like you are squidging your boobs.

It’s mega lightweight and REALLY comfortable, and had handy pockets for things like snacks, keys, phone, more snacks, lip balm, more snacks. It also has a whistle which is handy given that one of the mandatory kit list items. I’ve not tried this out in anger yet as I’ve never been anywhere remote enough that it wouldn’t scare small children or dogs.



I’ve fallen in love with these Ron Hill Women’s Stride twin shorts. I bought a pair from Up and Running in Cheltenham the other week and have been wearing them for running ever since (in between washes, obviously). I’m about to go buy another couple of pairs I love them so much. I’ve found them so comfy and easy to run in. No need for extra underwear with these either, commando is the way to go.

The under layer shorts are long enough to cover the bits of my thighs that touch (yep, no thigh gap here and proud of it), meaning no chafage, and the top layer of shorts look cool (in my opinion) and also feel nice to touch, although be careful of running around stroking your own bottom in public.  rh-002262_224_wmns_stride_twin_short.jpgSports Bra

I’ve always had Shock Absorber sports bras in the past, but I’m running in Brooks Juno at the moment which I’m pretty impressed with. I’ve got big knockers (running in size 32E right now) so sports bras are probably THE most important piece of kit. Trust me, big boobs + running isn’t pleasant so it’s important to get them locked down.

The Juno has got thick straps which are mega comfy and don’t dig in, and they’re adjustable velcro which means you can get a really good fit. The straps adjust from the front, so you can do this while wearing it, which is a BIG bonus. Anyone who’s had a sports bra knows the pain of adjusting straps when off, trying on, not quite right, take off, adjust again, put back on, try it again…and repeat until you are hot, flustered and fed up.

It’s a bit of a weird design in that there are clasps at the back but the whole thing has to be put on/taken off over your head, and given it’s fairly tight does mean it feels a bit like a challenge trying not to dislocate your own shoulders, however after a few times of using you get used to it and once it’s on it’s one of the most comfortable I’ve worn.

I have had boob rash since using it, but I’ve also been running in warm conditions for long periods of time. I suspect this would happen in any bra (glam side of running).



I’m currently running in two different pairs of road trainers, with the premise of seeing which perform best to then buy another pair which I’ll use in the race. I also have a pair of trail trainers which I use when I know it’s going to be muddy/wet/rocky and uneven.


Brooks Ravenna 8

These are brilliant. Trainers that you put on and they feel instantly moulded to your feet. They’ve not got loads of cushioning (well, not as much as my other pair) and so I’m using these for shorter, off road runs that don’t need my trail trainers. <shallow> I also love the retro colours too (I have the purple, black and blue ones) <shallow>

Saucony Guide 10

These are more cushioned than the Brooks and so I’m using these on my longer runs that are on harder ground. Seem OK so far. Had a bit of numb foot the first couple of times I wore them, but also have been playing around with how they’re laced up so could have been that. I’ve had Saucony’s before which have suited me well, so we’ll see how they get on over the next month or so.

Salomon Fellraiser

My trail trainers which I use when I know it’s going to be muddy and wet, and rocky or really uneven. All trail trainers are neutral, so they don’t give me the support I need for road or flat running, so I don’t wear these too often.


I’m trying out the Ladies X-Socks Marathon Socks at the moment which so far seem pretty great, although I’m no expert in running socks because I usually just run in what I’ve been able to get cheap as I baulk at paying £15+ for one pair of bloody socks. For this ultramarathon though I’ve figured this is one area I can’t afford to be lackadaisical.


I’m probably going to get a few pairs of a different type of sock (and also some liners as a back up if I need to layer up) but waiting until next pay day for that.


I have the Suunto Ambit 3 Sport. Disclaimer: I bought this second hand off a friend who was selling his, and this is the first sports watch I’ve owned so I have nothing to compare it to.

I’m not going to get techy, as I don’t really know about all the features yet, but I can state I absolutely love it. It’s really easy to use (once you’ve read the menu and had a play) and the heart rate strap is fab as I’m training in heart rate zones and can easily track it on runs. I like being able to see at a glance a) the time b) my heart rate c) the distance d) pace without having to get my phone out and look at an app.

Plus, you can create fun little movies of where you’ve ran and see the route, hills and distance. Bit of a quirky bonus (not sure I’d base a watch purchase just on that).

To be honest, I think any watch with a heart rate strap would do the basics of what I need, it just comes down to how much you spend, and I didn’t have loads of cash to splash.



Note: I have bought all my own kit and haven’t been given anything, so all choices and reviews are personal choice/not influenced in any way



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